Australian client come to visit our factory

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 Australian client Ian comes to visit our factory. And after visiting he bought two 5XZC-15 Seed Cleaner & Grader, one Z Type Bucket Elevator, one DCS-B Bagging Scale System and one Diesel Generators.


He is an professional engineer in seed coating field. He also knows a lot about seed processing technology. We had a good time with him.


Australia is our very big market. Almost all of the congeneric machines are our brand. We also have an engineer in Australia. His name is Dean. He designed the 5XZD-15AC model for Australia market. And now this model is really hot sale in Australia.


The capacity of 5XZC-15 Seed Cleaner & Grader is 10 T/H. It’s also suitable for Australia market. You will see a lot of models in our factory. Our factory has 11 hectares. There are four workshops in the landscape, now two of them are ready, one is 12750 square meters, and another is 13500 square meters. New office building is 4000 square meters.


Welcome to our factory!