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Synmec won the bid from European Union

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 We won the bidding for the 10 beans cleaning and sorting machines that EU aid Myanmar. And it’s already sent to Myanmar now. Look at the spectacular scenes. We arranged five 40 high containers to ship them. This is really a huge project.


This is our 5XZS-10DS model. It’s really multi-functional and powerful. It is installed two isolated two layers sieving trunks, which means its capacity will be doubled. And there is a gravity table installed, which means it can clean the light, small, big impurities and bad seeds and the same time. What’s more, it’s installed top sieving trunk, it could be separate the impurity more thoroughly.


This order proves our strength. Synmec International Trading Limited is an international trading company also a professional manufacturer for grain cleaning and seed processing machinery. Our manufactory was established in 1997. Our factory has 11 hectares. So we are really experienced.


We have sold our machines to 117 countries until now and the data will be refreshed every year. We are the best choice for you!